Anonymous asked:
This is gonna sound so stupid but what is a fuckboy? lol
rememberingsuunday replied:

fuckboy symptoms:

  • timothy over here askin’ for nudes when all u did was say hello
  • connor who won’t calm down with his axe spray tryna infect ya lungs
  • colin adding #420 to his bio when he smoked weed one time
  • gregory mad cause u didn’t blow him after the first date

how to spot a fuckboy:

  • white nike tube socks with his adidas sandals
  • he wants to play 20 questions (!!!!!!!!! do not play !!!!!!!!!!! especially if there’s a “;)” involved)
  • relies on his mom but doesn’t respect women
  • looks like he just read one of jaden smith’s tweets in all of his selfies
  • can’t find the clitoris

fuckboys come in all shapes and sizes and results may vary but when he a fuckboy…he a fuckboy…and u will know

xbox420 replied to your post “where’s alex day nowadays”

ok first off i’ve thought you were my 6’3 canadian friend for a while because you have the same icon so holy shit and second of all he sells badges in camden market and shaved his head

sadly I am a mere 5”5 and from south london but I’ll let that slide now that I know alex day is a nobody. I hope his stupid badges were damaged in the fire camden had a few months back tbh

I’m watching that Scotland decides programme and one guy in the audience looked like he was crying ???